Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, and love is in the air! No, not just your love for your craft beer, but also the love for the person who shares your love for craft beer. We’ve compiled a heartfelt Valentine’s Day gift guide for all you love birds out there that need some creative ideas. Check it out…

  1. Chocolate Milk Stout Home Brewing Kit: In lieu of the obligatory box of chocolates, try something different this year. This amazing home brew recipe features Videri artisan chocolate cocoa nibs. Bonus: get some fun takeout and make Valentines Day a romantic (and fun) night in, brewing your own beer!
  2. Beer Quote Art: This is the perfect gift for the couple that shares a love for beer! Customize with your own hair styles and colors and add your own quote.
  3. Personalized Beer Growler Set: Anyone who loves craft beer needs their own growler. Period. Customize with your loved one’s first initial for a sweet, personal gift.
  4. I Love You More Than I Love Beer Keychain: It’s simple, but it sure says a lot! If you’re a big beer lover, this could be the perfec thing for you to give your significant other…you know, just to remind them.
  5. Chocolate Beer Truffles: Step your chocolate-giving game up a notch: make your own beer-infused truffles for your brew-loving sweetie! Russel Stovers has nothing on you.
  6. Etched Valentine’s Day Beer Glass: If you feel like getting crafty, this one is for you! Make your own etched glasses and toast to your love with your favorite craft beer.
  7. Mini Beer Mug Drinking Game: This tic-tac-toe drinking game is a perfect activity for a romantic night in. Plus, it gives you the opportunity to do a tasting of new or favorites beers.
  8. Beer “Roses”: Easy and creative, wrap your loved one’s favorite beer in green tissue paper and hot glue fake roses to the top for Valentine’s Day bouquet made for the craft beer lover.
  9. Printable Beer Labels: Spice up his or her favorite beer bottles with these fun Valentine’s Day printable labels.
  10. Beer Soap: Now your loved one can smell like beer (in a good way) with these homemade soaps made with a subtle hint of craft beer.


Some other great Craft A Brew ideas for the craft beer lover in your life:

  1. A Craft A Brew Gift Package: we’ve put together premium home brewing gift packages which are sure to wow. Choose from the First Time Homebrewer package, the Hopheads Gift Package, or an extra special home brewing gift package for the craft beer obsessed.
  2. A Craft A Brew Recipe Kit: If the beer lover in your life has already tried one of our home brewing kits, a recipe kit will allow them to reuse their existing kit to brew a new batch. Choose from one of our 10 craft beer recipes!

What are you giving your craft beer loving lover for Valentines Day? What do you hope to get?


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