Craft Beer Resolutions for the New Year

Craft Beer Resolutions for 2016

As we head into 2016, most of us are thinking of at least one resolution we’d like to stick to. Might we propose some craft beer resolutions that you’ll actually want to follow through with? Consider these New Years Craft Beer Resolutions, and CHEERS to 2016!

Brew your own beer (or more of your own beer)
If you’ve been meaning to try home brewing, make this your year to make it happen! We strongly believe that every craft beer lover should try their hand at brewing their own at least once (and we’re pretty sure you’ll be hooked). Not only do you get the fun experience of brewing your own beer, but you’ll gain a new appreciation for the work that goes into the beverages you consume. New to the home brewing thing? One of our home brewing starter kits can get you going, no matter how experienced you are or how much counter space you have.

Home Brewing with Craft A Brew home beer brewing kits

Already a seasoned home brewer? Resolve to brew a beer you’ve never brewed before, or take a risk and modify your favorite recipe. By challenging yourself to brew outside your comfort zone, you may discover your new favorite beer is your own!


Take a Craft Brewery Road Trip!
Nothing makes you look forward to the coming year like an adventure, and even better if that adventure serves your love of craft beer! Plan a trip to visit a brewery (or breweries) you’ve never been to, in a city you’ve never visited. Strapped for cash or vacation time? With so many new craft breweries popping up across the U.S., chances are good you won’t have to travel too far to discover one within “day trip” distance. (Just remember to please road trip and drink responsibly, and never drink and drive).

Take a craft beer road trip

Spread the love
You are passionate about craft beer, so why not make it your resolution to inspire someone else to embrace good craft brews? Take your friend out to sample some brews at your favorite local brewery; bring Dad a six pack of your favorite craft beer instead of his go-to Highlife; plan a date-night in with your special other and prepare them a craft beer-paired tasting menu; or best of all, invite some friends over to brew your own beer and watch them turn into home brewing enthusiasts themselves.


Drink Local
Make a vow to support your local community by drinking and buying locally-brewed beer. With more and more craft breweries selling to Big Beer, the best way to support the craft beer movement is to start right in your own community. Plus, by supporting local breweries, you are also supporting local farmers, suppliers and workers.

Seventh Sun Brewery

Our Intergalactic Pale Ale Recipe is a collaboration with Seventh Sun Brewery in Dunedin, FL

These are just a few suggestions. What are your 2016 resolutions?

Cheers and HAPPY NEW YEAR!





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