8 Reasons You Should Brew Your Own Craft Beer

With local craft breweries popping up in droves across the nation and more and more retailers carrying a selection of craft beer, it’s easy for craft beer lovers to find good beer just about anywhere. So why go through the trouble of home brewing your own? As we like to say, “Give a man a beer and he’ll drink for a day; teach a man to brew and he’ll drink for the rest of his life.” There are so many reasons we love home brewing, and if you love craft beer like we do, we think you should try it too. Here are just a few reasons why:

1. It’s Fun: Aren’t you always looking for something fun to do? Well, this is it! And while it can be fun to brew on your own, home brewing makes a great activity to do with some company. Invite your friends or family, add some appetizers and a variety of cold craft beers, and host a beer-brewing party.

2. It’s Less Expensive (potentially): Of course there are start-up costs involved, i.e. a 5-gallon stock pot if you don’t already own one, a craft beer home brew starter kit, and your recipe of choice. But if you stick with it, the costs will spread over the many gallons of beer made and consumed in your kitchen. “Based on the cost of a 12-pack of fizzy yellow beer, it’ll take less than four batches before your equipment costs are covered and you have a beer fridge stocked with craft-quality beers that you brewed at less than Bud Light prices,” as stated in an article from NBC news.

3. You Know the Ingredients: Trust us, we are not saying it’s all bad, but you don’t really know all the ingredients in that store-bought bottled beer you are drinking. When you brew your own beer, there’s no question about what’s in it, giving piece of mind to even the most skeptical natural food and drink enthusiasts.

4. You’ll Be Proud of Yourself: After you’ve brewed your first batch of craft beer, give yourself a pat on the back and celebrate with a cold one. There’s no better sense of accomplishment than when you make something yourself. And that extra effort may make it taste better too.

5. Learn More About the Process: There’s no better way to learn about brewing beer (and gain an even greater appreciation for your local craft breweries) than to get hands-on with the process. Smelling, touching, and tasting the raw ingredients will give you a better appreciation of how beer is brewed and the complex ingredients found in craft beer.

6. Make New Friends: Those who brew together stay together. With the growing community of home brewers, you will find many people who share your love for craft beer and home brewing when you start to brew your own. With websites such as homebrewtalk.com and home brewing shops such as ours, you can get answers to your questions from fellow home brewers willing and able to help you find success on your first batch of home brew. It’s been said before that “beer people are good people” and we couldn’t agree more.

7. Makes a Great Gift: They say there’s no better gift than a homemade gift. So why not say “I love you” or “Thank you” with a fresh batch of home brewed craft beer?

8. Gives You a New Hobby: Looking for something to do in your spare time? Well, here you go! With different recipes available on the rotation, you’ll never get bored. (Added bonus, it’s cheaper than golf!)

Our love of craft beer is what brought us to creating quality-made home brewing kits, and it’s an experience we think you’ll enjoy. If you haven’t tried one of our kits already, give it a shot. You’ll be hooked!


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